About Nice Ride Minnesota

To enhance quality of life by providing convenient, easy to use bike sharing and fleet programs that will provide residents and visitors a healthy, fun, different way to get around town.

Our vision

We see bike sharing and fleet programs that will permanently change the way people experience and perceive our cities, as well as the way they experience and perceive transportation. Nice Ride will be a catalyst for more vibrant places where people want to work, live and play. Nice Ride will stand as a working example of how our state, cities, and industries create programs that meet critical and shared public goals. Nice Ride will show that the benefits of alternative transportation are many and lasting and include:

  • Avoiding vehicular congestion
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Less dependence on fossil fuels
  • More efficient movement from place to place
  • More opportunities for healthy physical activity
  • More interesting personal experiences interacting with our cities
  • A growing affinity to make other changes in all modes of transportation
  • A sense of civic pride

About the non-profit

We operate the Nice Ride system in partnership with Nice Ride Minnesota, the nonprofit that pioneered modern bike sharing in 2010. To learn more about the nonprofit, its transition, and the contracts that govern our work, go to managesharedmobilitymn.org. To see the 2020 Parking Zones Master Plan Amendment, go here.

About the operator

Nice Ride is operated by Lyft via local subsidiary Motivate Minnesota. The largest bike share operator in the U.S., Lyft wants to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, one ride at a time.

Bikeshare is a natural extension of Lyft’s vision to improve transportation access, sustainability and affordability. Lyft believes the growth potential for bikeshare to transform the landscape of our cities is massive and the benefits of bikeshare are evident: It’s healthier. It can be faster. And it’s better for our planet. Bikeshare (and scootershare) is part of Lyft’s multi-modal transportation vision based on the following principles:

  • Transportation Equity: provide affordable transportation and extend mobility to communities that have historically been underserved
  • Safe Streets: work with our city partners to help make Vision Zero a reality.
  • Transit Integration: make it easy for riders to use bikes and scooters to connect to transit.
  • Environmental Sustainability: shift riders away from unnecessary car trips.


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